What do you do in winter?

It’s hard to think about spring during the cold winter, but if you get bored you may want to start thinking
about spring cleaning. Get an early start. When you want to declutter, a mini-storage unit from Brown’s
Outdoor Storage can provide you with just the help you need.
Whatever you decide to store will be easily accessible at one of Brown’s storage units because the
facility is conveniently located on John King Road, just a little way off Highway 85, south of the
Purchase some storage tubs to put smaller items in and buy some inexpensive shelves to use for larger
items. Garden tools can be stored in a tool stand. You’ll be able to put your hands on whatever you need
quickly. Be sure to label the storage tubs with the contents so you don’t forget what’s where.
Drop by the office at 190 John King Road in Crestview or call 850-642-1111. We can help you decide
what size unit you need to store your household items and tools.
This website can give you some ideas for storage, also.

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