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Car, Boat and RV Storage

Car Storage
Why car storage? Car storage is an attractive option for a wide variety of car owners. Many owners prefer to store their classic or antique cars until they’re ready to take them to an auto show. For owners of expensive sports cars with limited at-home parking, car storage protects the cars’ paint and tires from the sun and other environmental factors.

Boat Storage
Boats need proper care! Boats are a lot of fun, but owners need to address storage, safety, accessibility, and maintenance. Brown’s Mini Storage provides storage for your boats and allows you more time to enjoy your recreational activities, without the added stress.

RV Storage
RV’s need room! Most people don’t have storage space in their driveway, yard, garage, or at their curb to park an RV. Brown’s Mini Storage offers an ample amount of parking space at our secure facility. Our services will free up space at your home, protect your vehicle from environmental elements, and are very budget-friendly.

Call us today to find out more about storing cars, boats, trucks, trailers and RV’s in the Crestview, FL area.

Secure Vehicle Storage in Crestview

From parking spaces that are both covered and uncovered to larger storage units, Brown Mini Storage can provide storage for all types of vehicles. Whether you’re trying to maintain the integrity of a classic car, need a place close by for your RV, or need to swap out seasonal hobbies like ATVs and jet-skis, we have several options to cover your vehicle storage needs.

Vehicle Storage
Do you need to store a classic car? Or maybe have an extra car with nowhere to park? We have solutions with both parking spaces and drive-up vehicle storage units. It’s the perfect place to store your classic car or sports car you can’t drive year-round.

RV Storage
Many neighborhood homeowners associations and city ordinances can make it difficult to store your RV at home. We offer RV parking spots to store your vacation home on wheels all year long. Brown’s also offers covered RV parking.

Boat Storage
After a day on the water it’s nice to know you have a safe place to store your boat, jet skis, kayak or trailer. Brown’s Mini Storage offers covered and open parking spots to store your weekend toys.

Give us a call today at (850) 642-1111 to find out more about RV and boat storage in Crestview. Our friendly staff are always ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect storage solution for your vehicles.


Crestview Mini Storage

Need additional storage space for your home, apartment or work space in Crestview? We’re all about storage at Browns Outdoor Storage, and we’ve got the self-storage units for rent you need! Brown’s is your locally owned and operated source for self-storage and business storage rentals for your extra stuff.

Our self-storage facility sits high and dry, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure. Each storage unit is well-lit (as is the entire complex), made from quality block construction, and protected by high security fencing. Brown’s mini storage units range from 5×5 to 10×30, and are easily accessed 24/7 including holidays and weekends. Browns Outdoor Storage is conveniently located off Highway 85 just south of Interstate 10. Come by for a tour of our facilities.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • High and Dry
  • Gated 24/7 secured access
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RV & Boat Storage in Crestview

When adventure calls, are you ready to answer? Brown’s Mini Storage can make sure you can hop in the car and get out on the road with convenient boat and RV in Crestview, FL. Ideally located near major highways and roads, our facility makes accessing your self-storage unit both convenient and fast. With boat or RV storage at Brown’s Mini Storage, you can get more out of your weekends.

Give us a call today at (850) 642-1111 to find out more about RV and boat storage in Crestview. Our friendly staff are always ready to answer your questions and help you find the perfect storage solution for your vehicles.

What Doesn’t Belong in a Storage Unit

A self-storage unit can provide the convenient solution for storing all kinds of things such as furniture, books and cloths.

But before you start boxing up all of your possessions, you should learn about certain things you should never pack in a storage unit. With some items, it’s about keeping out rodents and bugs, and with others, it’s about ensuring that your possessions (and those of people in units near yours) are kept out of harm’s way.

The team at Browns Mini Storage has compiled a quick list of things you should never put in a storage unit.

Perishable Food
Perishable food like meat, fish, poultry, eggs and raw fruits and vegetables should never be packed away among your other belongings. Not only is this unhygienic, but it is a complete waste (so much for that delicious roast dinner). On the flip side, non-perishable items like canned food, dried fruit, spreads, some condiments and seasonings are fine to store away so long as they are packed appropriately in air-tight containers – this is especially true for any grains like rice

Explosives and Combustibles
Like corrosives, explosives and combustibles must stay out of your self-storage unit to reduce the possibility of accidental damage to your property or someone else’s. These items include obvious explosives like fireworks, but also household combustibles like aerosol cans.

Cash or Currency
If you have some cash to stash or a bevvy of gold bullion bars, a storage unit is not the ideal location to store them. Keeping monetary items in a bank, a safe, or a safe deposit box is a much more secure option for storing money.

Ammunition & Firearms
Firearms and ammunition may or may not be allowed in your storage unit – check the fine print of your contract. If allowed, you should strongly consider storing any firearms and ammunition at a local gun shop or shooting range.

Living Things
Storage units are not hospitable for living things, which is to say that people, animals (including pets), and plants don’t belong in storage units. It should go without saying, shouldn’t it? Living organisms need fresh air and sunshine. The small, dark conditions of a storage unit are neither safe nor healthy for living things.

Electronic equipment, such as a TV, may be damaged if kept in a storage unit for a lengthy time period. Electronics don’t always do well in extreme temperatures, and storage units can be cold in winter and hot in the summer. If you do store electronics in your storage unit, be sure to remove any batteries first, and take precautions to protect your equipment from humidity. Climate-controlled storage units are great options if you’re looking to store electronics, as they keep your unit at a constant temperature and humidity level.

Garbage and trash items definitely belong in a dump and not in a storage unit. Not only will garbage cause your unit to stink, it’ll also bring about pests and potentially ruin other items in your unit, particularly organic materials like furniture and clothing.

Anything Illegal
This includes stolen items and any item that is illegal to possess or use. It’s also a bad idea to conduct illegal activities in a storage unit. So ignore those TV crime shows that depict people using storage units for illegal surgeries, smuggling, or selling stolen goods. Storage units can be seized by the police just like any house, car, or other property.

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What Belongs in a Storage Unit

Are you looking for an easy storage solution for your household items? Brown Mini Storage offers affordable indoor and outdoor storage units in Crestview, Florida. Self-storage is beneficial to those that have closets bursting at the seams with clothes, holiday items, boxes, etc.

Household Items for Mini Storage

Whether you are needing to store a few pieces of furniture to make more room in your home, or are wanting to protect your outdoor furniture from the elements this summer.

Are you renovating your kitchen or laundry room and need a safe and secure place to hold your items? Our storage units will protect the your items from excess heat, humidity or water, preventing possibly rust or mold buildup. It is important to open the appliance doors while in storage.

Our storage units are ideal for collectibles such as books, comics, stamps, etc.

Closet space is sometimes limited and keeping winter or fall items securely stored for the next year’s use is extremely important. It is recommended to pack your clothing items into plastic storage bins over cardboard boxes; add a dryer sheet or two to each container.

Additional items that call for a storage unit include photos, important documents and electronics. If you’re looking for mini storage units in Crestview, contact us today.

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Brown’s Storage Tips

Here’s a some great quick tips from Brown’s Mini Storage on how best to ensure your cherished belongings remain in the the best condition and safely store. We offer free advice and free estimates on the amount and type of storage you may require.

• Use good quality storage boxes
• Fill boxes to capacity, so your goods aren’t damaged
• Pack heavy items into smaller boxes for easy transportation
• Remember to label your boxes so you don’t lose your goods!
• Write a list of your boxes and stored items, and keep it safe!
• Protect your fragile goods with bubble wrap
• Clean your garden equipment before storing it
• To maximize space stack similar sized boxes together

For further information and more hints please continue reading below or give our friendly and experienced staff a call on (850) 642-1111.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is almost in full affect and you might be wondering how to store items in your storage unit efficiently. Here’s a small list that might help you get started:

  • Pads, sheets and blankets are a great way to protect fragile items.
  • Instead of cardboard boxes, use plastic containers so you can see the items inside.
  • Label boxes or containers on all sides and the top; or print a list of all items and tape it on the outside of the box.
  • Boxes should be stored with the heavier boxes and items on the bottom.
  • To save space, take apart items like your table, bed frame or bookcases.
  • When storing appliances such as a microwave or a refrigerator, leave the doors slightly open to avoid mildew.
  • Instead of folding clothing items, use wardrobe boxes so items can remain hanging.
  • Finally, create a list of all items you put into storage.

Our mini storage units come in 5×5, 10×10 and 10×30, so give us a call today to check for availability!

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Seasonal Storage

When fall arrives with cooler temperatures, a lot of your summer equipment becomes idle for the following months and throughout winter. Because of this, many people take this time of year to clean out their summer items and put them away. Clearing out the garage in time for winter is made easier with the extra space our storage units provide. Visit our Crestview location to speak to an expert on which self-storage option is best for you.

What can you do to prepare for fall and winter? These self-storage tips will help set you up for success and get you back to enjoying the holiday season. Get started with these helpful tips:

seasonal storage

  • Wood chairs and tables should be pulled in from outside and placed in storage. Replace any pieces that have become weathered and use an all-weather stain to prepare them for next year.
  • Allow your canoe or kayak to breathe and avoid placing a cover over top of it in the storage unit.
  • Replace or fix used gardening tools. A large barrel is an easy way to store your shovels, picks, and other gardening tools.
  • Close the pool and move bottles of chemicals to storage to free up shelves in the garage. By adding a label and moving these chemicals to a storage unit, you can utilize the space for necessary winter tools.
  • When storing beach equipment leave the sugar-white sand at the beach! Before adding your beach items to your storage unit, be sure to shake any loose sand out – add an extra step by rinsing off items (beach chairs, coolers, etc.)
  • Use shelves to keep boxes of clothing off the ground and keep your storage unit organized.
  • Place a few Damp Rid containers around your unit to keep moisture from building up.
  • Wardrobe boxes will store articles of clothing that should not be folded in boxes. To avoid deep wrinkles, fold clothing loosely.
  • Fiberglass holds in moisture even after it has sat out for a few days, so store the boat, kayak, or canoe with Damp Rid or similar products surrounding the water toys.
  • Use a shelf to store pool chemicals so you can keep them in single layers. If stacked, containers can crack and spill.
  • Make every piece of the grill spotless as to not entice rodents. We aim to keep our storage facilities clear of pests, you can help by leaving the food at home and cleaning off equipment that is used to cook.
  • Remove chlorine from inflatables with common kitchen vinegar, then leave out to dry.

Our team of experts will help you find the best storage unit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a place to store seasonal items from your garage, or larger items such as your boats, jet-skis or RVs, give us a call today!

Protect Your Furniture From Winter Elements

While many associate winter with endless cups of hot cocoa and thick blankets, there are some things that many forget to consider. Depending on where you live, winter can cause strife for your furniture. All it takes is a day of rain or hail followed by a night of cold windchills and you’re left with a thoroughly ruined piece of furniture.

Many outdoor furniture is advertised as waterproof, but due to Florida’s temperamental weather, there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration. While placing a tarp or covering on top of a piece of furniture may seem like it will protect from any rain, doing so could lead to mildew due to humidity. Freezing rains can cause even your metal or plastic furnishings to produce wear and tear in the form of rust or cracking.

Whether you are needing to store a few pieces of furniture to make room for holiday decorations in your home, or are wanting to protect your summertime outdoor furniture from the elements this winter, give us a call today at Brown’s Outdoor Storage! We are conveniently located off Highway 85 just south of Interstate 10. Swing on by for a tour of our facilities.

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