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Self Storage Facility in Crestview, FL

Browns Mini Storage takes pride in offering a simple and hassle-free self-storage experience for all of their customers in Crestview, FL. We make sure our storage units are secure, clean and ready to rent.

We also focus on offering a wide variety of storage unit sizes and types to make sure we can handle any storage need that you may have. Feel free to look at our available storage units and give us a call if you have any questions.

Storage Units

If you only need a small space to store a few pieces of furniture and some boxes then a 5×5 unit may be all you require. Our 10×10 units will store a medium household. We also offer 10×30 units.

Our Storage Facility

Our storage facility is conveniently located at on Highway 85 near Interstate 10, Brown’s is perfectly situated and well equipped to deal with high traffic and demand.

Customer Service

One thing about Browns Mini Storage is that we pride ourselves in our customer service and upkeep of our storage facility. Our self-storage facility features fully fenced and well-lit aisles & buildings, digital camera surveillance, and professional on-site management. We also sell boxes, and self-storage materials on-site to help you store and transport your treasured possessions.

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Seasonal Storage

When fall arrives with cooler temperatures, a lot of your summer equipment becomes idle for the following months and throughout winter. Because of this, many people take this time of year to clean out their summer items and put them away. Clearing out the garage in time for winter is made easier with the extra space our storage units provide. Visit our Crestview location to speak to an expert on which self-storage option is best for you.

What can you do to prepare for fall and winter? These self-storage tips will help set you up for success and get you back to enjoying the holiday season. Get started with these helpful tips:

seasonal storage

  • Wood chairs and tables should be pulled in from outside and placed in storage. Replace any pieces that have become weathered and use an all-weather stain to prepare them for next year.
  • Allow your canoe or kayak to breathe and avoid placing a cover over top of it in the storage unit.
  • Replace or fix used gardening tools. A large barrel is an easy way to store your shovels, picks, and other gardening tools.
  • Close the pool and move bottles of chemicals to storage to free up shelves in the garage. By adding a label and moving these chemicals to a storage unit, you can utilize the space for necessary winter tools.
  • When storing beach equipment leave the sugar-white sand at the beach! Before adding your beach items to your storage unit, be sure to shake any loose sand out – add an extra step by rinsing off items (beach chairs, coolers, etc.)
  • Use shelves to keep boxes of clothing off the ground and keep your storage unit organized.
  • Place a few Damp Rid containers around your unit to keep moisture from building up.
  • Wardrobe boxes will store articles of clothing that should not be folded in boxes. To avoid deep wrinkles, fold clothing loosely.
  • Fiberglass holds in moisture even after it has sat out for a few days, so store the boat, kayak, or canoe with Damp Rid or similar products surrounding the water toys.
  • Use a shelf to store pool chemicals so you can keep them in single layers. If stacked, containers can crack and spill.
  • Make every piece of the grill spotless as to not entice rodents. We aim to keep our storage facilities clear of pests, you can help by leaving the food at home and cleaning off equipment that is used to cook.
  • Remove chlorine from inflatables with common kitchen vinegar, then leave out to dry.

Our team of experts will help you find the best storage unit for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a place to store seasonal items from your garage, or larger items such as your boats, jet-skis or RVs, give us a call today!

What Size Storage Unit Do You Need?

Choosing the right storage unit size for you could seem overwhelming as there are a lot of factors to consider. Your two most important questions are likely: how will everything fit and what exactly fits into our self-storage units at Brown’s Outdoor Storage?

Our 5×5 storage unit is ideal for bookcases, small furniture and boxes. These units are best for storing decorations for holidays, lawn or gardening equipment or sporting gear. While it is the smallest of our unit, you can definitely pack a lot into them and free up space in your garage or closets at home.

Have you recently downsized and are looking to storing furniture for a spare room or family room? Our 10×10 units are perfect for this! They will fit a sofa, bookcases, mattresses, nightstands, dressers and more! The summer season is just about over so items such as a jet ski or kayak, will also fit into these units.

Our 10×30 units are great for storing contents of your garage. Boxes, couches, appliances and more will fit into this unit with some room to spare.

It is important to take into consideration the size of your furniture when choosing a storage unit. By flipping furniture onto its side, you will be able to take advantage of the vertical height of your self-storage unit. If you have any questions about the right storage unit size for you, give us a call at (850) 642-1111. We will be happy to help you choose the best unit size for you!

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Post-Summer Storage Prep

We still have plenty of fun-in-the-sun days in our future this summer so storage for your RV or boat may be the last thing on your mind. However, it isn’t a bad thing to start considering post-summer storage already as quality storage spaces do fill up fast! Here are some tips to keep in mind as a way to prepare for when that time comes:


  • Clean Up! Give your boat’s hull and decks a thorough scrubbing to remove grime, slime, and barnacles. You’ll likely be counting down the days until you can next bring your boat out, so get this done now as to not have to worry about it later.
  • To avoid condensation from forming in the tank or fuel lines of your boat, fill up your gas tank completely and then add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank.
  • Placing mildew control bags in compartments and throughout your cabin can help with keeping things fresh and so you’re not greeted with any less than favorable surprises come next year.


  • A clean RV keeps the pests away! Go through every drawer, cabinet, and nook-and-cranny to ensure that all of your food is cleared out of your RV to prevent attracting rodents and insects. You may be tempted to simply keep canned or bottled foods while in storage as they are not perishable, but it is best to take everything with you.
  • Ensure your windows and curtains (or blinds) are closed prior to leaving your RV in storage. Leaving either open can result in furniture or carpeting to fade due to sunlight.
  • Sprinkle baking soda inside of your refrigerator after you have cleaned it out and leave the door open, along with cabinet doors to avoid mildew.

Whether it is a boat or an RV you are going to need to put into storage by the end of summer, make sure every time you take either of them out for a spin in the mean time that you’re being mindful and keeping track of any potential fixes you may need to make and take care of. This way you can work on taking care of the fixes during the off time and then get back to it right away next spring.

Our secured lot offers free water, trickle charge electricity and is located off I-10 in Crestview. Contact us at Brown’s Outdoor Storage to begin planning ahead your storage options.

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Storage Unit Spring Cleaning Tips

The weather is finally getting warmer and with it comes the opportunity to do some much needed spring cleaning. Whether it has been months or years since you’ve stepped foot in your unit, it’s never too late to get organized. Here are a few helpful spring cleaning tips for getting control of all your extra furniture, decorations, toys and mementos filling up your unit.

  • First you will want to give yourself a deadline. Carve out a specific time that you will be doing your cleaning and stick to it. If possible, enlist some family members or friends to help you out.
  • As you clean your storage unit have a few boxes handy. Label them: toss, donate and keep. Pull out one or two boxes at a time and decide what stuff you will be keeping, dividing the rest into the other two piles.
  • If you have several boxes with similar labels such as kitchen, entertainment etc., take photos of the inside of the box before closing it up. Then attach the photo to the outside of the box. This will make it easy to find what you’re searching for the next time you visit your storage unit.

Lastly, the team at Brown’s Mini Storage is here to help with any questions you may have. Check out our different storage options for all your needs from household goods to outdoor boat storage, Brown’s has you covered. Call us at 850-642-1111 or stop by 190 John King Road in Crestview.

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Outdoor Boat Storage & RV Storage

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from storing your boat, RV, trailer and more at Brown’s Outdoor Storage. With safe and secure lots, you will enjoy the extra space at home and have access whenever you desire!

More Benefits of Brown’s outdoor storage

  • Get your first month free with only a 6 month commitment
  • Free Water
  • Free dump station
  • Free electricity (trickle charge)
  • Rates beginning at just $35 a month
  • Large, well-lighted areas
  • 24/7 access for owners to come and use their boat (even holidays!)
  • On-site manager during business hours
  • Conveniently located off of Interstate 10 and Highway 85. Easy Access from anywhere along the Emerald Coast!
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Special Services

What separates Brown’s from all the rest is a combination of storage option variety and excellent professionalism. They offer storage units, boat storage, mini storage, commercial storage, self-storage, and motor home storage. Brown’s spacious facility can fit almost any sized boat or RV (including Class A, B, and C, fifth wheels, and camping trailers). Additionally, both boat and RV storage also come with free water and electrical services; RV storage also comes with the only dump station in the local area.

Call today about availability price breakdown for the different sized units, or just general questions about storage. For the times when you have no more room to keep everything, Brown’s comes to the rescue and offers you a breather with solid, secure storage with unlimited access.

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The Art of Storing

The Art of Storing – Tips for Moving
The art of storing your personal belongings is actually more in-depth than it looks. On the surface you’re transporting your items from Point A to Point B, but there’s quite a bit of organization that should go into it.
Helpful storage Tip:

  • Use pads and sheets for added protection
  • Take apart furniture if possible to save space
  • Use plastic containers to clearly see inside rather than use cardboard boxes
  • Create a list of all the items in storage
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