It’s Time for Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Spring fever is about to hit, and you’ll want to start cleaning, organizing and throwing things out. If you want to declutter your house, a mini-storage unit from Brown’s can be just the help you need to get cleaning.

With a little organization, the items you store can easily be within reach when you need them. You know how aggravating looking for something can be.

Use shelves in your storage unit. You can buy affordable heavy duty plastic shelves at many nearby stores, including big box stores, Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight.

Once you have your shelves, you can place small items in plastic storage containers. Larger items can be placed directly on the shelves. For garden tools, you can purchase a stand that holds shovels, rakes, limb trimmers, etc. When you need them for the garden, you can easily put your hands on them.

If you store household items in plastic tubs, be sure to label the contents so you can find what you need quickly.

Once you’ve cleaned out and determined what you want to put in storage, consider what size shelves you need. After that task, organizing will be a piece of cake.