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It’s Time for Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Spring fever is about to hit, and you’ll want to start cleaning, organizing and throwing things out. If you want to declutter your house, a mini-storage unit from Brown’s can be just the help you need to get cleaning.

With a little organization, the items you store can easily be within reach when you need them. You know how aggravating looking for something can be.

Use shelves in your storage unit. You can buy affordable heavy duty plastic shelves at many nearby stores, including big box stores, Tractor Supply and Harbor Freight.

Once you have your shelves, you can place small items in plastic storage containers. Larger items can be placed directly on the shelves. For garden tools, you can purchase a stand that holds shovels, rakes, limb trimmers, etc. When you need them for the garden, you can easily put your hands on them.

If you store household items in plastic tubs, be sure to label the contents so you can find what you need quickly.

Once you’ve cleaned out and determined what you want to put in storage, consider what size shelves you need. After that task, organizing will be a piece of cake.

Fall Boat & RV Storage Options

Fall is right around the corner. Fall is beautiful season for many reasons but it also has it’s disadvantages. Fall is that time of year where the trees will start to lose their leaves, which fall on top of cars, or could even get into gutters and cause them to get clogged. Most importantly is the boats and the RV’s. We want to keep them protected under these circumstances.

Fall can be quite tedious when it comes to boats and RV’s. You will want to keep them covered so that leaves or debris will not get in them or on them. The humidity can cause the leaves to stay wet or even mold if they are not cleaned up or removed quickly. Taking your boat out on the water can become a hassle, as you will have to clean up all the leaves or debris that may have fallen from the surrounding trees in your driveway or backyard. This can be frustrating when you want to be able to grab your boat or RV and just go.

To avoid having to clean up the boats or the RV’s, bring them down to our location so that we can keep them covered for you. You will not have to worry about any leaves getting in the boat or on top of the RV. Additionally, our covered storage options protects your boats and RV’s from the harmful sun, excessive amounts of rain, etc.

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Summer Storage Tips

With summer upon us, you may be taking some stuff out of storage for some fun in the sun and now have additional room in your unit. With this in mind, here are some summer storage tips for storing your belongings this summer:

  • Create a walk way to the back of your unit by leaving an aisle in the center.
  • Due to their tight fitting lids and the convenience of stacking, plastic containers are great for storing items.
  • Freestanding shelves are a great way to keep your unit organized and tidy.
  • Save time when searching through your belongings by labeling boxes on all sides for easy reference.
  • Avoid smudges or staining by wrapping valuables in bubble wrap or un-printed paper instead of newspaper.
  • Store frequently used items towards the front of your unit, while placing your valuables belongings towards the rear.
  • Prevent rusting or mildew by thoroughly cleaning your furniture and appliances before storage.
  • To retain their shape and avoid creasing, store draperies on hangers in a wardrobe box.
  • Ventilation is key, do not store boxes flush against the wall. Rather, leave at least an inch space away from the wall.
  • As always, do not store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil, or gasoline.

T-Minus 19 days until the first official day of Summer! Who’s excited?

First Signs of Spring Have Arrived

The weather is getting warmer here on the Emerald Coast and we all know what that means: it is boating season! Locals along the Gulf Coast enjoy boating throughout the bayous, bays and gulf waters all summer long.

Let Brown’s Storage help take the stress out of your summer boating with our spacious outdoor boat storage.

We have enough space to accommodate even the largest yachts with 24/7 access to your possessions. With a convenient location just off of both Interstate 10 and Highway 85, you can relax knowing your day on the water is only a convenient drive away. If you do not have a personal boat lift, storing with Brown’s outdoor boat storage is the next best thing.

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