Summer Storage Tips

With summer upon us, you may be taking some stuff out of storage for some fun in the sun and now have additional room in your unit. With this in mind, here are some summer storage tips for storing your belongings this summer:

  • Create a walk way to the back of your unit by leaving an aisle in the center.
  • Due to their tight fitting lids and the convenience of stacking, plastic containers are great for storing items.
  • Freestanding shelves are a great way to keep your unit organized and tidy.
  • Save time when searching through your belongings by labeling boxes on all sides for easy reference.
  • Avoid smudges or staining by wrapping valuables in bubble wrap or un-printed paper instead of newspaper.
  • Store frequently used items towards the front of your unit, while placing your valuables belongings towards the rear.
  • Prevent rusting or mildew by thoroughly cleaning your furniture and appliances before storage.
  • To retain their shape and avoid creasing, store draperies on hangers in a wardrobe box.
  • Ventilation is key, do not store boxes flush against the wall. Rather, leave at least an inch space away from the wall.
  • As always, do not store any toxins or flammables such as paint, oil, or gasoline.

T-Minus 19 days until the first official day of Summer! Who’s excited?