Storage Unit Spring Cleaning Tips

The weather is finally getting warmer and with it comes the opportunity to do some much needed spring cleaning. Whether it has been months or years since you’ve stepped foot in your unit, it’s never too late to get organized. Here are a few helpful spring cleaning tips for getting control of all your extra furniture, decorations, toys and mementos filling up your unit.

  • First you will want to give yourself a deadline. Carve out a specific time that you will be doing your cleaning and stick to it. If possible, enlist some family members or friends to help you out.
  • As you clean your storage unit have a few boxes handy. Label them: toss, donate and keep. Pull out one or two boxes at a time and decide what stuff you will be keeping, dividing the rest into the other two piles.
  • If you have several boxes with similar labels such as kitchen, entertainment etc., take photos of the inside of the box before closing it up. Then attach the photo to the outside of the box. This will make it easy to find what you’re searching for the next time you visit your storage unit.

Lastly, the team at Brown’s Mini Storage is here to help with any questions you may have. Check out our different storage options for all your needs from household goods to outdoor boat storage, Brown’s has you covered. Call us at 850-642-1111 or stop by 190 John King Road in Crestview.

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