Post-Summer Storage Prep

We still have plenty of fun-in-the-sun days in our future this summer so storage for your RV or boat may be the last thing on your mind. However, it isn’t a bad thing to start considering post-summer storage already as quality storage spaces do fill up fast! Here are some tips to keep in mind as a way to prepare for when that time comes:


  • Clean Up! Give your boat’s hull and decks a thorough scrubbing to remove grime, slime, and barnacles. You’ll likely be counting down the days until you can next bring your boat out, so get this done now as to not have to worry about it later.
  • To avoid condensation from forming in the tank or fuel lines of your boat, fill up your gas tank completely and then add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank.
  • Placing mildew control bags in compartments and throughout your cabin can help with keeping things fresh and so you’re not greeted with any less than favorable surprises come next year.


  • A clean RV keeps the pests away! Go through every drawer, cabinet, and nook-and-cranny to ensure that all of your food is cleared out of your RV to prevent attracting rodents and insects. You may be tempted to simply keep canned or bottled foods while in storage as they are not perishable, but it is best to take everything with you.
  • Ensure your windows and curtains (or blinds) are closed prior to leaving your RV in storage. Leaving either open can result in furniture or carpeting to fade due to sunlight.
  • Sprinkle baking soda inside of your refrigerator after you have cleaned it out and leave the door open, along with cabinet doors to avoid mildew.

Whether it is a boat or an RV you are going to need to put into storage by the end of summer, make sure every time you take either of them out for a spin in the mean time that you’re being mindful and keeping track of any potential fixes you may need to make and take care of. This way you can work on taking care of the fixes during the off time and then get back to it right away next spring.

Our secured lot offers free water, trickle charge electricity and is located off I-10 in Crestview. Contact us at Brown’s Outdoor Storage to begin planning ahead your storage options.

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