What Doesn’t Belong in a Storage Unit

A self-storage unit can provide the convenient solution for storing all kinds of things such as furniture, books and cloths.

But before you start boxing up all of your possessions, you should learn about certain things you should never pack in a storage unit. With some items, it’s about keeping out rodents and bugs, and with others, it’s about ensuring that your possessions (and those of people in units near yours) are kept out of harm’s way.

The team at Browns Mini Storage has compiled a quick list of things you should never put in a storage unit.

Perishable Food
Perishable food like meat, fish, poultry, eggs and raw fruits and vegetables should never be packed away among your other belongings. Not only is this unhygienic, but it is a complete waste (so much for that delicious roast dinner). On the flip side, non-perishable items like canned food, dried fruit, spreads, some condiments and seasonings are fine to store away so long as they are packed appropriately in air-tight containers – this is especially true for any grains like rice

Explosives and Combustibles
Like corrosives, explosives and combustibles must stay out of your self-storage unit to reduce the possibility of accidental damage to your property or someone else’s. These items include obvious explosives like fireworks, but also household combustibles like aerosol cans.

Cash or Currency
If you have some cash to stash or a bevvy of gold bullion bars, a storage unit is not the ideal location to store them. Keeping monetary items in a bank, a safe, or a safe deposit box is a much more secure option for storing money.

Ammunition & Firearms
Firearms and ammunition may or may not be allowed in your storage unit – check the fine print of your contract. If allowed, you should strongly consider storing any firearms and ammunition at a local gun shop or shooting range.

Living Things
Storage units are not hospitable for living things, which is to say that people, animals (including pets), and plants don’t belong in storage units. It should go without saying, shouldn’t it? Living organisms need fresh air and sunshine. The small, dark conditions of a storage unit are neither safe nor healthy for living things.

Electronic equipment, such as a TV, may be damaged if kept in a storage unit for a lengthy time period. Electronics don’t always do well in extreme temperatures, and storage units can be cold in winter and hot in the summer. If you do store electronics in your storage unit, be sure to remove any batteries first, and take precautions to protect your equipment from humidity. Climate-controlled storage units are great options if you’re looking to store electronics, as they keep your unit at a constant temperature and humidity level.

Garbage and trash items definitely belong in a dump and not in a storage unit. Not only will garbage cause your unit to stink, it’ll also bring about pests and potentially ruin other items in your unit, particularly organic materials like furniture and clothing.

Anything Illegal
This includes stolen items and any item that is illegal to possess or use. It’s also a bad idea to conduct illegal activities in a storage unit. So ignore those TV crime shows that depict people using storage units for illegal surgeries, smuggling, or selling stolen goods. Storage units can be seized by the police just like any house, car, or other property.

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