Protect Your Furniture From Winter Elements

While many associate winter with endless cups of hot cocoa and thick blankets, there are some things that many forget to consider. Depending on where you live, winter can cause strife for your furniture. All it takes is a day of rain or hail followed by a night of cold windchills and you’re left with a thoroughly ruined piece of furniture.

Many outdoor furniture is advertised as waterproof, but due to Florida’s temperamental weather, there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration. While placing a tarp or covering on top of a piece of furniture may seem like it will protect from any rain, doing so could lead to mildew due to humidity. Freezing rains can cause even your metal or plastic furnishings to produce wear and tear in the form of rust or cracking.

Whether you are needing to store a few pieces of furniture to make room for holiday decorations in your home, or are wanting to protect your summertime outdoor furniture from the elements this winter, give us a call today at Brown’s Outdoor Storage! We are conveniently located off Highway 85 just south of Interstate 10. Swing on by for a tour of our facilities.

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