Car, Boat and RV Storage

Car Storage
Why car storage? Car storage is an attractive option for a wide variety of car owners. Many owners prefer to store their classic or antique cars until they’re ready to take them to an auto show. For owners of expensive sports cars with limited at-home parking, car storage protects the cars’ paint and tires from the sun and other environmental factors.

Boat Storage
Boats need proper care! Boats are a lot of fun, but owners need to address storage, safety, accessibility, and maintenance. Brown’s Mini Storage provides storage for your boats and allows you more time to enjoy your recreational activities, without the added stress.

RV Storage
RV’s need room! Most people don’t have storage space in their driveway, yard, garage, or at their curb to park an RV. Brown’s Mini Storage offers an ample amount of parking space at our secure facility. Our services will free up space at your home, protect your vehicle from environmental elements, and are very budget-friendly.

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